Show your activities and services with a personal touch


Send messages to your guests via chat to manage their requests and suggest them tailor-made offers


EDGAR allows you to find out valuable information about your guests that you can use to improve your services

Services & Information

  • Tourist properties and services

    Describe your tourist facilities and internal services, that guests can book online

  • Customized map

    Select information, services and experiences to suggest your guests on the map of the App

  • External services

    EDGAR provides you with many services, choose the ones you want to suggest your guests and invite your partners

Upselling & Profit

  • All-round offerings

    Expand quickly your offer by choosing among the many services provided by EDGAR

  • Management of requests

    Choose whether to handle your guests' requests or enable them to purchase directly via the App

  • Extra profit

    Get a commission on every purchase of your guests via the App

Management & Integrations

  • Synchronized calendars

    Import quickly your guests' reservations with a .csv file or connect your management software

  • Electronic administration

    Digitize fast check-in, statements and your partners network management

  • Automatization

    Automatic and customizabe push notifications for your guests

Marketing & Communication

  • E-mails acquisition

    Collect only your guests' e-mails

  • Best reputation

    Ask for a review at the right time

  • Direct Marketing

    Sends notifications and reserved offers without spamming


and start creating your Edgar